Deborah Thomson School of Dance

Welcome to the Deborah Thomson School of Dance.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with me and my studio and are looking for a dynamic dance studio for your child, please let me introduce myself.

My name is Deborah Thomson. I have personally been involved in competitive and recreational dance since the age of 5. I am a licensed teacher, choreographer, and member of the British Association of Dancing (B.A.T.D), Dance Masters of America (D.M.A), and Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D). I have also had the opportunity to run and own a dance competition and judge Regional and National Dance Championships across Canada and the United States. With the amount of experience I have had over the numerous decades of owning a dance studio and even more years teaching, I know I have the ability to not only teach dance but also many lessons used in other aspects of life outside of the studio. Trying to increase my students artistry has always been a top priority of mine while teaching. Many students of mine have brought their children to my studio to learn from me just how they once did! Previous students of mine have also gone on to become dance instructors and dance professionally in various countries!



Lyrical is a combination of jazz, ballet and modern techniques. Lyrical dance is expressive, subtle, and interpretive. Lyrical encourages students to develop a stronger sense of their own artistic expression. Emphasis is placed on control, technique, extensions and emotions.


Jazz is a form of dance that showcases a dancer’s individual style and originality. Jazz is energetic and fun consisting of unique moves, big kicks, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. Jazz encompasses a large number of styles and variations.


A form of theatre combining music, dance, songs, dramatic arts. Students will learn to develop their performance and acting skills, as well as nurture the unique relationship between performer and audience.


Ballet is a very formal and strict type of performance dance. Ballet is typically performed to classical music. All ballet dancers have one thing in common: a love of the grace, beauty and discipline of ballet. Anyone can enjoy the beauty and grace of ballet dancing regardless of age, size, experience or fitness level.


Emphasis is on fun, freestyle movement, body isolations, coordination, rhythm and more. Hip Hop includes a wide range of styles like popping, krumping and breaking. It offers a very high energy and has become one of the most popular forms of street dance.


Acrobatics is a style of dance that combines various dance techniques with precision acrobatic/gymnastic elements. Acrobatics conditions and strengthens students and improves flexibility, increases spatial awareness  and control.


Tap is a dance form emphasizing footwork and beats and rhythms by creating sounds with the feet. Tap steps can take time to learn as they can be very intricate. Tap helps to develop agility, musicality, stylized movement, and focus.


The studio will be closed the following dates:

Thanksgiving Weekend.


Christmas/New Years Break.

Easter Weekend (Friday-Sunday).

Any other cancellations due to weather, etc. will be communicated through email and possibility of social media @DTSOD on all platforms

Families are invited to come in and view their child’s classes in December. Dates will be provided and posted once finalized. This applies to recreational and ballet classes only (No Competitive Classes).

Every student will need to purchase a costume for the year end recital for every dance routine they are in. The first payable costume deposit is at registration and the second in January. Any additional costs for competitive costumes will be communicated with the parents and are due before competition.

We will be entering at least three competitions as well as a possibility of finals, more information will follow on the dates and competitions at a later date.



Girls: Grades 1 through 5 of ballet will wear a navy blue leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers. Levels Intermediate Foundation and up will wear a black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet slippers. Hair must secured be in a bun.

A Character skirt and Character shoes will be required for Grades 1 through 5 of Ballet.

Pointe shoes will be required for Intermediate Foundation and up. Teachers will advise which shoes to purchase.

Boys: Must wear a fitted t-shirt with shorts and black or white ballet slippers.


Girls: All levels may wear a leotard, tights, unitard, crop top or biker shorts. Hair is up and out of the face.

Boys: All levels may wear a t-shirt and shorts.

All competition classes will be advised what shoes are required (if needed) for the year.

TAP – Body wear is the same as Jazz. Intro classes must wear black patent tap shoes. All other levels must wear 1/4“ heel black tap shoes. Boys are to wear black oxford tap shoes. Hair is up and out of the face

ACRO – Body wear is the same as Jazz. Stirrup tights may be worn. No shoes or socks shall be worn. Hair is up and out of the face

MUSICAL THEATRE – Body wear is the same as Jazz. Footwear will not be needed during the year but may be needed for the year-end performance, which will be advised by the teacher nearing competition/recital. Hair is up and out of the face